Age: 24
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'3
Waist Size: 26 (size 5)
Turn On's: Confidence, Sense of humor, Intelligence, Support, Sensitivity, Self-worth, Goals, Imagination, Independence, Desire, Courage, Compassion, Decisiveness, Dignity, Sense of integrity, Sensual/gentle massages
Turn Off's: Lack of self-esteem Laziness Lack of humor Lack of confidence Lack of goals Lack of understanding Negativity Self-centeredness Extreme jealousy Insecurity Smothering dependence Self-pity Lack of trust No ambition Lack of tenderness
Guilty Pleasure: Sex, wine, chocolate, exercise, an afternoon nap -- we love to indulge in our favorite pleasures, don't we? Well, it's nothing to feel guilty about. Gratifying those desires can have great health benefits -- boosting immunity, warding off disease, toning the body. In fact, a bit of indulgence can be satisfying for both body and soul.
Favorite Singer/Band: I love music, it depends on my mood as to what is my favorite singer/band. From Aerosmith, to hip hop to R & B to alternative, classical, definitely oldies, etc.
Favorite Team: I love to play sports. I don't necessarily have a fav. team. I like the Ravens, Redskins and Eagles somewhat.



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