Mission Statement

To establish Baseline Jumper, Inc. as a leader in the development of fun, passion, and elegant entertainment that embodies the essence of life, and simultaneously promotes true creativity.

We promise to listen closely to our guests, enthusiasts, sponsors, and to be genuine in our communication and content. In addition to customer satisfaction, we strive to delight and amaze our customers with unrivaled product, content, service and support.

Baseline Jumper, Inc., in its uniqueness and creative endeavors, hopes to establish a creative, playful and enlightening work environment for our representatives. We believe in encouraging entrepreneurial risk-taking within the company and letting our people share in the recognition for and rewards of their efforts.

Baseline Jumper, Inc. will always strive to act with honor and integrity in our ongoing effort to build strong, long-term relationships with our partners & sponsors, while always striving to achieve our mutual goals.

We clearly recognize that long-term profitability is essential to any company's success. It is our hope to maintain a strong positive cash flow to ensure our continued growth. This growth will enable us to offer the ultimate experience for our consumers. We will continue to grow with our consumers, sponsors, and partners as we refine flexible, intelligent systems that allow us to achieve our goals with tremendous efficiency.

We plan to give back to our community and beyond by funding charitable causes that will ultimately lead to a better world and environment in which we all have an active role.

Baseline Jumper, Inc. is pleased to have financially supported "The V Foundation" for cancer research, "The Michael J. Fox Foundation" for Parkinson's research, "Child Find of America" and "The Dr. Michael Feinglass Foundation."


2006 Baseline Jumper, Inc.

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